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Archives For January 2012

In a Child’s Path in the Sandy Post

The Sandy Post wrote a lovely article about In a Child’s Path Farm Preschool in today’s paper. Please, go read it and share it with … Read More

Play is Powerful

You know how we feel about the Power of Play at In a Child’s Path. An article in the Missourian, says “Play helps your child … Read More

Fun with Dyed Pasta

Has your child come home recently with a necklace made from lovely, bright pasta? That’s because we dyed some for the kids to use to … Read More

Recipes for Kids: Bath Body Paints

Bath time can be so much when you follow this recipe for bath body paints. Recipe Ingredients 1+ Tbsp Cornstarch 1/3 cup mild dish soap … Read More

Fun Ways to Paint

There are so many fun ways to use paint. We’ve got tons of ideas for ways to use paint besides with fingers and brushes. Here … Read More