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Recipes for Kids: Bath Body Paints

Bath Paint RecipeBath time can be so much when you follow this recipe for bath body paints.



1+ Tbsp Cornstarch
1/3 cup mild dish soap or liquid bath soap
Food coloring


Add the cornstarch to the soap until you reach your desired consistency (If you like it thicker, it might take significantly more cornstarch). Separate the mixture into containers such as ice cube trays or other small, non-breakable containers. Add food coloring to achieve the desired color.

Let your kiddos go crazy in the tub with their fun bath finger paint. Then, you can just wash it away.

A Few Suggestions

If your kids make something really cool that they don’t want to lose, you can press a piece of paper against it to transfer the image.

You could put the paint in ziplock baggies and cut off the corner, allowing them to paint with it like icing in a bag.

Give your child paint brushes to use with the paint and watch their little artist emerge. You could also give them sponges or other tools like washcloths to see what patterns they make.

Most of all, let them get messy. It cleans up really easily.

And, of course, have lots and lots of fun.

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