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Cedarsong Philosophy

In a Child’s Path’s director, Cindy Wiederhold, is certificated in the Cedarsong philosophy, whose mission is to provide children with educational experiences by being in direct contact with nature. With this philosophy, children are encouraged to learn in the natural world, to appreciate that world, and to explore it. They are immersed in nature and engage with it with a sense of natural wonder, which deepens participants understanding of the world, and helps them develop a deep relationship with nature and their community.

Curriculum developed under the Cedarsong philosophy encourages students to engage their senses and increase their observation skills. Learning is dictated by the environment and adapts to what is occurring in our own backyard, which just happens to be an 8-acre farm and forest. We learn outside in rain or shine. We talk about life cycles when we find tadpoles in our ponds. We sing in our human nest. We build forts from the timber that falls in the forest. We blaze on our paths, and we jump, jump, jump in our rainy Oregon puddles.

Participants in our programs come from the suburbs of Sandy, urban Portland, farms in Boring and Estacada and every walk of life. We learn from and respect each other and our environment.

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