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Play is Powerful

Power of PlayYou know how we feel about the Power of Play at In a Child’s Path. An article in the Missourian, says “Play helps your child develop physically, learn about the world, learn to express emotions, develop conversation skills, develop creativity and learn how to be sociable.” It also says, “The lessons children learn through playing are really more profound than anything you could teach them.”

So, how do we embrace this philosophy at In a Child’s Path?

1. We make an effort to be aware of our own feelings and are sensitive to others. When we play, we consider how our actions affect others.
2. The children are in charge of their own activities, seeing tasks through to completion. They can play any number of activities and determine when they have had enough of any activity and when they’d like to move on to the next activity.
3.We encourage self-regulation, controlling oneself. When children play, they learn how to play fairly and interact well with others.

Play is your child’s work, and we’re here to encourage them to play hard.

Read more from the Missourian and learn more about The Power of Play.

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