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Archives For December 2011

Make It – Rice Bin

Rice bins are a great sensory experience for your child. It’s very simple to make and can provide hours of fun. Let your child run … Read More

Make It – Glitter Wands

Who wouldn’t love to get a cool glitter wand to play with? You can make one for your child. How To Make It What You’ll … Read More

Recipes for Kids – Stickers

Did you know you could make your own lick-and-stick stickers for your kids? What a great way to make them something they can use to … Read More

Project Hope

After looking at our options to help others this season, I thought together we could best support a local family that has three children. Their … Read More

Recipes for Kids – Flubber

Flubber is a great play object to make for your kids. It reacts in different ways depending on the way you manipulate. Plus, it just … Read More

Natural Learning and the Chicken Story

As the children and I were getting our new school year off to a great start last fall, we noticed that there was a pecking … Read More