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Archives For April 2013

Five Little Skunks

We love to sing Five Little Skunks. It’s a fun song that highlights counting down from 5 to one. Five Little Skunks Five little skunks … Read More

Bev Bos on Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resoltuion by Bev Bos “The most important thing to remember about discipline for young children is that it needs to be kind, tender and … Read More

Look Who Had Babies…

Our Muscovy Duck has been laying and sitting on eggs for a while now. She’s sat on them three times and never hatched any before. … Read More

Five Little Ducks

Five Little Ducks is a great Spring song we love to sing at In a Child’s Path. Five Little Ducks Five little ducks Went out … Read More

Oh, Mr. Sun

As we head into Spring, we like to sing lots of songs about the sun. Oh, Mr. Sun is a favorite. Sing it with your … Read More

Reasons for Recess

While our society develops, spending more time on computers and indoors meeting math and reading standards, our children still have the need for sun and … Read More