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Reasons for Recess

booksWhile our society develops, spending more time on computers and indoors meeting math and reading standards, our children still have the need for sun and wind, and outside play. There are so many reasons for outdoor play, including:

  • Children learn at young ages when their whole body is involved, which is best accomplished through play
  • Play allows children the opportunity to relax without interruptions from from adults
  • Children work out emotions through unstructured play
  • Children develop skills from empathetic play, including cooperation, helping, sharing, and problem solving
  • Outdoor play encourages the use of all senses, not just touch and site, like books and computers do
  • Children learn to navigate safely through their environment when they are allowed outdoor play

Recess and the Importance of Play

National Association of Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education
Recess and the Importance of Play highlights the significance of play in development.

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