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Building Skills – Box House

Cardboard BoxIf you’re looking for a great activity to do with your child, consider building a box house. There are a number of skills your child can learn from creative play with a cardboard box.

Fine Motor Skills

  • Building small pieces of furniture
  • Ripping small pieces of paper

Cognitive Skills

  • Develops abstract thinking
  • Using an imaginative family to represent a real family

Social and Emotional Skills

  • Acting out who is living in the box and what they are doing in the house
  • Provides release of emotions for children
  • Connects real family and imaginative family

Language Skills

  • Building a structure with others
  • Using cooperative language

Sensory Skills
Creating a space for living too small for a real person opens imaginative play.

If you’re looking for a good use for those old cardboard boxes and a way to entertain and delight your child, consider building box houses with them.

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