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Project Hope

Project HopeAfter looking at our options to help others this season, I thought together we could best support a local family that has three children. Their mom had surgery last July to have a brain tumor removed. She has also gone through radiation and chemotherapy, both of which have strong side effects as you may all know. She has no hair and is quite weak. She will find out on December 20th if they got rid of the tumor or not. In the meantime the dad has been laid off from his job and there have been fundraisers for her medical insurance so she is covered that way.

The three boys have obviously been on a roller coaster ride of emotions. As a way to help them this holiday season the family representative suggested gift cards for the family members and reminds us that food would also be much appreciated. The boys range in age from fourth to eighth grades. My staff and I will plan to bring the items to the family on December 16th. As the holidays approach we really want to show our children the gift of giving in our community.

The children have decided to call this Project Hope, in hope that the tumor will be gone by December 20th at the next doctors appointment.

How to Give

We will accept donations of food or gift cards at the school. If you would prefer to donate money, we welcome you to make checks payable to:
US Bank Chamberlain Fund, ID # 45-2765237

You can leave the checks with us. We will then deposit them and get receipts to you.

Please join us in supporting this local family.

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