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Displaying Your Child’s Artwork

PaintAt In a Child’s Path, we spend a lot of time creating art. So, what do you do with all the art that gets sent home with your child?

Here are some ideas for using your child’s art work in creative ways.

Wrapping Paper

Much of the painting that occurs at our preschool happens on large sheets of butcher paper. This is perfect for using for wrapping gifts. And, for family and friends who love and appreciate your children, it’s like two gifts in one!

Table Covering

All of that butcher paper painting makes for great table coverings as well. You can put them over kids’ art tables so that they have a pretty covering for future creations. You can use them as table runners for your holiday table. You can even laminate them and make really cool placemats. And, how excited would your child be to see their art on your table every morning at breakfast?

Gallery Style

If you’re more into preserving your child’s art and displaying it on the wall, check out some of these ideas for attractive ways to display them:

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