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Owl Babies

We love the book called Owl Babies! The children have learned how to recite most of the book.

We decided to make owl puppets one day and we went on a hike down to the lower pasture to find stuff for our Owl Habitat. Oh now that was fun! We found everything from to logs to sticks with thick different colors of green! The children called it hay colored green, grass colored green, one child said it was the green lettuce color from our garden, another said it reminded her of the green tree that is in our yard and in the same breath said “oh but those leaves are yellow now!” I get a kick out of teaching colors to children! I love it when I get to honor what is authentic and real. No color posters here at this school!

Our owl habitat has Sarah, Percy, and Bill. Here’s a conversation starter around the dinner table: Ask your child what Bill the owl baby says!

The Owl Song

You might enjoy this song too (to the tune of Frère Jacques):
Wise old owl, wise old owl
in a tree, in a tree
Whooo are you looking at? Whooo are you looking at?
Is it me? Is it me?

The children are also learning how to sign this song.

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