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Building Skills – Crayon Melt

CrayonsIf you’re looking for fun activities for you to do with your kids, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a ton of good ideas for building skills in your child. One great craft to do with your children is crayon melts.

Cognitive Skills
The heat causes the solids to transform into liquid.

Fine Motor Skills
Breaking small pieces of crayon with fingers

Sensory Skills

  • Warmth of the hot plate
  • Crayons feel silky and smooth
  • Wax is sticky
  • Noticeable smell when the wax melts

Language Skills
Discuss the changes of a solid to a liquid

Cooperative Skills

  • Share one hot pan
  • Take urns
  • Share space
  • Watch each other

Your child can learn a number of excellent skills by doing crayon melts.

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