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Make It – Simple Boat for Rainy Days

Simple SailboatWith all the rain we get around Sandy, activities that embrace the rain are in high demand. These simple sail boats are a great way to use everyday items from around the house and get you outdoors even when the weather isn’t ideal.


  • A wide plastic lid (like the lid from a margarine tub)
  • A drinking straw
  • Construction paper
  • Kids’ scissors
  • A hole punch
  • Crayons, markers, and/or stickers
  • A small wad of play dough

Make It

  1. Cut a triangle from a piece of construction paper – this will be your sail.
  2. Decorate the sail with crayons, markers, and/or stickers.
  3. Punch three holes along one side of the triangle.
  4. Weave a drinking straw (the boat’s mast) through the holes.
  5. Put a small wad of molding clay on the inside of the lid. Push the end of the drinking straw into the clay.

Now, go sail your boat in the bounding seas.

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