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Summer Camp 2012, August Update

We have been having a wonderful time at camp so far this summer. So much fun, in fact, that we have added a week of summer camp August 20-24th. We would love to have you join us!

Here’s just some of the awesome things we’ve done so far this summer at camp:

  • Blazing our own trails to the lower pasture
  • Riding our zip line
  • Making strawberry freezer jam and strawberry milkshakes
  • Taking care of our farm animals, including giving our mini horse Indy a bath
  • Sharing and developing group play skills
  • Adventuring in the forest
  • Finding frogs
  • Sailing boats
  • Building friendships
  • Playing in the sandbox and on the water wall
  • Harvesting our crops that we planted in the Spring

We’ve done all of those great activities in just three weeks of camp so far. We’d love to have your little ones join us this summer and experience the best farm camp around. Just contact us for availability.

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